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Report: IM Yearbook 2019/2020

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Publication Date: June 2019

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The rapid expansion of the investment migration industry shows no sign of slowing down. Across the entire industry spectrum, every nook and cranny has been experiencing growth. New programmes have come online and even more in the offing, raising questions among industry commentators on their sustainability. Despite the question marks, the appeal to clients appears to continue unabated, along with the number of new entrants seeking to service the growing appetite for visa-free travel by the globally mobile. The exponential growth that the industry is enjoying has not gone unnoticed by major international institutions and standard-setting organisations such as the EU, the IMF and the OECD that are all expanding their interest and flexing their powers over the industry.

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Diversify to Grow

Titan of industry is not a term that is easily attributed. Austin Fragomen could lay claim to this title, but it is certainly nothing he would ascribe to himself. However, with more than 4,200 employees, offices in almost 30 countries and a ranking as one of the top 60 legal firms in the US, it is a title that sits easily with someone of his calibre.

Citizenship by Investment: The Real Drivers Behind Applications

Civil unrest, visa-free travel and statelessness are just a few of the reasons behind the recent uptake in applications for citizenship and residency by investment (CRBI). S-RM analyst Sonia Spencer explains the current environment around these sought-after programmes.

Make a Real Global Impact

Report: IM Yearbook 2019/2020 Media: Investment Migration Yearbook 2019/2020 Sector: Investment Migration Publication Date: June 2019 Simon Anholt, Adviser and Publisher of the Good Country Index Make a Real Global Impact Simon Anholt says the investment migration [...]

Furthering the Investment Migration Industry’s Sustainability

EU member states with the sovereign right to manage their own national economic policies are feeling the weight of increased pressure from EU institutions and international lobby groups to make changes to, or even phase out, their residency and citizenship by investment programmes.

Disrupting the Nation State

Children born today will grow up with a radically different understanding of how governments should serve them, writes Kaspar Korjus, the former head of Estonia’s e-Residency Programme.

The Power of Transparency

CiviQuo is one of the investment migration industry’s most recent start-ups. It aims to radically change the way the industry promotes itself by bringing in elements of performance marketing and building up an affiliate network.

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