Report: Visit Singapore

Media: Lufthansa Inflight Magazine 2018

Sector: Travel

Publication Date: November, 2018


Singapore has gone into party-mode as 2015 marks half a century of independence. The island nation has unveiled a festival of events surrounding its Golden Jubilee, reflecting on the country’s journey that has seen it rise from a post-colonial backwater to one of the most respected and admired countries in the world. Unique is probably the word that best captures Singapore, and the astonishing diversity of the country truly is second to none. Fast- paced city streets and office complexes are located within minutes of serene gardens and colourful ethnic quarters.

Report Content

A First Class Airport

Singapore’s world-famous Changi Airport is taking the lead in rethinking and refining the airport experience.

Discover the Singapore Story

Shedding off its image as a stopover location and celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence, Singapore is rising as the must-visit destination in the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore is Colourful!

Like many different cultures, colours also collide, amalgamate and create amazing new things in Singapore. Whether pastel-colored houses, multicoloured food creations or colourful street art on walls: boredom has no chance in Singapore.

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