Invest in Malta

Report: Invest-in Malta

Media: Lufthansa Inflight Magazine 2019

Sector: Country

Publication Date: Q4 2019


The Malta feature will refresh and update the perceptions German decision makers have of Malta’s business and investment environment and promote Malta as an international finance centre science & technology base, logistics hub, services and outsourcing partner. As Malta’s most important foreign investor and a priority growth market for trade and investment, the special feature will ensure Malta is on the agenda of German business leaders when decisions are being taken.

Past Report Content

Smart Planning for a Smart Country

Malta’s urban planners want to make the sunshine country even more liveable by incorporating the latest technologies with historic architecture.

Meet Me in Malta where the Impossible is Possible

As one of Europe’s sunniest meeting destinations, Malta is playing host to large-scale conferences and more intimate gatherings alike. Don’t underestimate this small island nation, the country has all the attractions and facilities of big city destinations.

Malta: a Great Place to Work

Malta is one of the most spectacular locations to work: glorious Mediterranean climate, a magical mix of professionals from all over the world and an unlimited number of exciting opportunities. If you are considering a career move, think Malta.

State of Innovation

As Malta ventures into new economic sectors, global investors and multinationals are taking advantage of the island’s economic boom.

Little Big Malta

Hip and historic aren’t opposites in tiny Malta, and there are plenty of Instagram- worthy sights and spots to get excited about. With azure waters rivaling those of the Caribbean, ancient ruins older than Stonehenge, and a capital city whose architectural heritage is comparable to Venice, Malta packs a lot in its small size.

Gozo: The Isle of Plenty

Gozo is becoming home to a growing community of globe-trotting digital nomads and world-class professionals, who are being lured by the charms of this exotic island paradise.

Destination Blockchain Island

With its move to regulate Distributed Ledger Technologies, Malta is pitching its tent as the global home of blockchain companies and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

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