Report: Revolutionising Payments

Media: Lufthansa Inflight Magazine 2015

Sector: Payments

Publication Date: December 2015


Businesses and consumers are standing on the brink of a payment revolution. Interest in the adoption of new technologies is quickly moving into the mainstream. Contactless is the latest buzzword of the payments industry, as it opens up exciting new opportunities for innovation.

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Payments and Cybersecurity: Staying One Step Ahead

New technologies must maintain high security standards, says Jens Bader, Chief Commercial Officer of Secure Trading, and identity services could be the next big thing in the fight against payment fraud.

Pioneer of Payments

After PayPal cut loose from eBay in the summer of 2015, the company has set its sights on capturing a larger share of the growing mobile payments market.

Making Payments Safe

The prepaid market is one of the world’s fastest growing non-cash payment methods as more and more businesses discover prepaid products for payroll and promotion.

Money 3.0 – New ways to pay

The global payments industry is developing at a rapid pace. Fuelled by a fast growing e-commerce sector, digital technology has already changed the way people pay, merchants sell and how both interact with financial institutions. The future of payments is mobile.

Towards a Cashless Future

As retailers are turning to internet technologies as part of a new “smart shopping” trend, Wirecard AG seeks to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of payments.

The Path to Purchase

Transactions need to be simple, fast and secure, says Dr Gerrit Seidel, CEO of SOFORT GmbH. This is crucial for the adoption of online payment solutions as well as the growth of the e-commerce sector.

A Gateway to Global Payments

Where there’s global commerce, there’s a need for global payments. ONPEX, The Online Payment Exchange, knows no borders and helps any market, developing or emerging, expand globally.

The Quiet Evolution of the Bank Account

The advent of online banking has revolutionised the way people manage their money. With 93% of European citizens using their bank accounts as their primary funding source, Trustly – the Swedish FinTech company - is on a mission to make online payments using the bank account simpler and more relevant for consumers.

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